Work / Life Imbalance


You’re watching YouTube when you see a strange video entitled “No matter what, the work stays on!” …

The scene opens to a large set of balance scales resting on a low platform. A man puts a big shiny metal weight embossed with the word “work” on the left side of the scales. Next to it, he puts another weight. This one is marked “learning”.

On the right side, he starts placing roughly formed gray cement bricks. One at a time, brick after brick, and the right side soon outweighs the left. He keeps going, and we see that each brick is engraved with a different word. The first one says "daughter". Then "wife"… More bricks… "house"… "diet"… As he continues, you notice that the condition of each brick is worse than the last. Only the first one, "daughter", appears to have been handled carefully. The rest are dirty and broken… "health"… "exercise"… The scale starts to overbalance and nearly falls over. You hear the man curse under his breath as he steps on the base of the scale to keep it from falling over… "pain"… and finally… "sleep".

At first, the weights for "learning" and "work" seemed heavy, but now they look small by comparison to the stack of bricks. Somehow, though, he’s keeping everything in place. He seems satisfied with his work.

Just as he’s appraising his efforts, a large cinder block flies through the air and strikes the man in the back of the head! He falls forward, knocking over the scales along with all the bricks and the metal weights.

With blood oozing from a wound at the back of his head, you wonder if he’s dead, but he stirs. Disoriented and confused, he stands and looks at the cinder block with disgust. Then he proceeds to set up the scales again. First placing the metal weights, then each brick just as before. Finally, he picks up the cinder block and, placing both feet on the base of the scale, he carefully balances it on top of the other bricks. Now we can see what’s engraved in the side of the cinder block… "mental health".

Our protagonist, sweating, bloody, and exhausted, glances up at the "work" and "learning" weights before looking directly at the camera and, flashing his best winning smile, gives a thumbs up before the scene fades to black.

"That was weird." you say out loud before clicking thumbs down. Then you click on a "related" video about work / life balance from someone who quit their job to be a full-time YouTuber. "He must know what he’s talking about." you think to yourself… "He has over 100,000 subscribers!"