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  • AdSense: Rejected 😓

    AdSense: Rejected 😓

    AdSense has rejected this page. Oh well… It’s time to create some fresh content.

  • Should WordPress update itself at all?

    Should WordPress update itself at all?

    Most of the time, when you need to update a plugin, a theme, or even WordPress core, you just click an update button and the rest is handled automagically. This works because web hosts usually set the web server to use the same user as the one that owns the files. This has some inherent […]

  • WordPress Update Failed

    WordPress Update Failed

    tl;dr When WordPress fails to do something automatically, it’s almost always a permissions problem. This is no exception. I haven’t found an easy and secure way to enable automatic WordPress updates. The only way I have found is to make all WordPress files and folders writable by the web server process… chgrp -R web … […]