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  • Should We Avoid Ternary Operators?

    Should We Avoid Ternary Operators?

    I recently read a Facebook post which suggested it was better to use a ternary operator instead of an if…else statement whenever the result would be a single line of code. That doesn’t seem right. I’ve noticed this trend toward shorter, smaller code, and I understand the appeal. If I can do in one line […]

  • WordPress Sample Code on GitHub

    Considering #WordPress Plugin Development? Do a search on GitHub for “WordPress plugin“ and find all the sample code you ever wanted.

  • transitionend Promise

    transitionend Promise

    I’m working on a page that displays thumbnail images. When I click on a thumbnail I want it to show an info box containing more image details. I’m using a CSS transition on the info box and I want to populate the image details while the info box is hidden. If the info box is […]