Easily Use Third-Party Images in WordPress?

WordPress’ Insert Image from URL

Let’s say, for example, I have a photo on Facebook that I want to use in a WordPress post. It’s Public so anyone with the URL can view it without even logging in. It’s not very difficult. Just get the image URL, add a new image block, and use the URL instead of uploading or selecting from the existing Media Library.

This seems to me like a common use case. It’s not just Facebook, either. There are countless popular websites that let people post their own images. Many of them are more focused on images than Facebook. It could be easier. It’d be great if there was an alternative Facebook Image block that I could add to my post. So, there must be a plugin for that, right? Well, maybe, but there are hundreds of Facebook plugins. Their descriptions mention galleries and feeds and posts, but none of them seem to succinctly say “Use Facebook photos in your posts.” So, let the trial and error begin.