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  • #100DaysOfCode: R1D4

    #100DaysOfCode: R1D4

    22nd 21st August 2021 I made up for the slow progress of the last few days today and finished the Real World Vue course at Lesson 3: Single File Components I finished up lesson three by finishing the exercise for building an SFC. Lesson 4: Vue Router Essentials Goes into detail about Client-Side Routing […]

  • #100DaysOfCode: R1D3

    #100DaysOfCode: R1D3

    20th August 2021 Today was the first day of the free weekend for the the real World Vue course from Vue Mastery. Recently, I’ve been focused on ReactJS, but I also worked over a year for a company that used Vue exclusively. I’m a proponent of the idea that IT workers should maintain a narrow […]