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  • AdSense: Rejected 😓

    AdSense: Rejected 😓

    AdSense has rejected this page. Oh well… It’s time to create some fresh content.

  • #100DaysOfCode: R1D2

    #100DaysOfCode: R1D2

    19th August 2021 In terms of actually sitting in front of the computer and coding, it was a light day today. Some essential, but unfortunately timed, medical appointments clashed with my US EST work schedule, but I was still able to review some materials from Modern React with Redux while on the road and I […]

  • Social Media Sharing Images?

    Social Media Sharing Images?

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve already had way too much of lookin’ at my ugly mug. Besides, I put some effort into selecting an appropriate (and freely licensed) image for each of my posts. So, I’ve made an attempt to add image metadata to my blog posts using Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol (also […]