#100DaysOfCode: R1D5

#100DaysOfCode: R1D5

24 23rd August 2021

Today I spent some time coming up with a possible solution for another 100DaysOfCoder’s CSS problem… I’m not sure if that counts towards my 100DaysOfCode effort or not.

Then I jumped back into the Modern React with Redux course. This is good for me. I enjoyed my brief detour into Vue, but I think I prefer the React ecosystem, community, and career opportunities.

Lessons 39 – 48
I learned more about reusable components and created a reusable component that could be used to contain a component I had already created.

I completed some exercises to demonstrate my understanding of basic props as well as props.children for nested content.

There was some discussion and comparison of class-based vs functional components. This course is taking the approach that it’ll be easier to understand React hooks if we learn class based components and lifecycle methods first.

I also spent a little time figuring out yarn. Apparently create-react-app assumes yarn is your preference if it’s installed. Even if you’ve only installed it out of curiosity 😅