#100DaysOfCode: R1D4

22nd 21st August 2021

I made up for the slow progress of the last few days today and finished the Real World Vue course at vuemastery.com:

Lesson 3: Single File Components

I finished up lesson three by finishing the exercise for building an SFC.

Lesson 4: Vue Router Essentials

  • Goes into detail about Client-Side Routing
  • Most of the work here is done inside of router/index.js
  • I built an example of changing a route and there was some discussion of route-level code splitting.

Lesson 5: API Calls with Axios

  • Basic discussion of making API calls
  • Example of doing API requests using Axios
  • Covered refactoring to avoid redundant instances of Axios
  • Demonstration of services using Axios with an explanation I didn’t understand
    • Is “services” a special thing, or is it just a convention to put a reusable function like this into a directory named “services”.

Lesson 6: Dynamic Routing

  • Added a dynamic value to a route link and passed it via a property

Lesson 7: Deploying with Render

  • Learning about building a Vue app for production
  • npm run build, which runs vue-cli-service build
  • Enabling redirects at hosting provider to support Vue’s client-side routing with history mode enabled.
    • Covered lack of 404 pages when enabling these redirects

Lesson 8: Scaling the app

There’s nothing here about scaling Vue apps. This “lesson” just discusses the other courses available at Vue Mastery.

The End

No certificate… No gamification… Just this badge that doesn’t show anywhere besides here at the end of the course. Those buttons only share a link to the course itself. Nothing to show for my “accomplishment”.

I can’t say I’m really impressed with the school. What they offered for this free weekend wasn’t much. If this is representative of their curriculum, it’s not worth paying for. There’s better stuff on YouTube.