#100DaysOfCode: R1D3

20th August 2021

Today was the first day of the free weekend for the the real World Vue course from Vue Mastery.

Recently, I’ve been focused on ReactJS, but I also worked over a year for a company that used Vue exclusively. I’m a proponent of the idea that IT workers should maintain a narrow skill set focus, but I make this exception because I don’t want to remove Vue from my résumé. Besides that, it’s an opportunity to get a course for free that I wouldn’t otherwise pay for.

My time today was limited by medical issues and treatment, but I still managed to get in some time with the Vue course.

I covered the first two lessons and part of the third. I learned about HMR which sounds a lot like live reload. A little extra research tells me this is not actually a feature of Vue, but of Webpack.

I also learned how to use the Vue CLI, the structure of the default app created with vue create <app name> or its web-based graphical alternative, vue ui.

Finally, I started learning about Single File Components, Vue’s method of keeping all the parts of a component in a single file. Scoped CSS is kind of interesting. A little extra research tells me that this was actually part of HTML and supported by Firefox for quite a while and with a flag on one version of Google Chrome, but has now been removed. Vue is essentially providing a polyfill for this feature.