#100DaysOfCode: R1D1

18th August 2021

Today I dusted off the blog: aggrippino.com:

  • Updated WordPress.
  • Fixed file permissions on the web host.
  • Deleted/updated/installed some plugins.
  • Deleted/updated some themes. Installed a new theme (OnePress).
  • Tried the WP Dark Mode plugin, but deactivated it due to conflicts with theme and extensions.
  • Installed SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin.
  • Made modifications to some CSS and some images to work with the new theme
  • Installed UpdraftPlus for automatic backups to GDrive.
  • Tried to set up Adsense, but it was a No Go… They won’t let me put in American payment information from a Malaysian IP address.
  • Started to check out Hashnode as a possible alternative

Log on GitHub: r1-log.md